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Among the many bets between venerable Philly and Boston institutions that hung on the Super Bowl outcome was  one between two of the biggest regattas in the country: the Head of the Charles (Boston) and Philly’s Head of the Schuylkill, which both happen in October.
 “Losing regatta sends friendly donation to winner’s local water/park clean-up organization. And of course, bragging rights for best city/river/regatta/home to Champs!”, the HOSR tweeted last week.
With the Eagles’ triumph, the Head of the Charles yesterday tweeted:
“In recognition of Philly’s win in the Super Bowl LII and our wager with , HOCR will make a $152 donation to to support clean communities

Coming to Philly from Boston

Just steps from the river, the Philadelphia Museum of Art also won its wager with Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts. On loan to Philly shortly will be a 4-foot tall  portrait of a rabble rouser of her time: Mercy Otis (Mrs. James Warren) by John Singleton Copley. She attacked the Loyalists in the era of the Revolution, rallying Massachusetts colonists to rebel though in the painting, she’s portrayed as the wife and mother that  she also was. 

While we’re on the subject of water, another rivalry pitted the Philadelphia Water Department against the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, under   #WaterBowl on Twitter. For days the two groups had been touting their programs. “We have about 3,700 miles – that’s 65,120 football fields – of sewers serving Philly,” declared Boston’s water department claimed that Ben Franklin found Boston’s water better for beer. And both boasted about being the oldest water department, still finding wooden pipes no less.

Boston’s Mayor promises their  Rocky will wear Eagles paraphernalia. 

The Boston Symphony’s conductor  Andris Nelsons (see video) will have to rehearse in Eagles uniforms. See this video where Yannick issues the challenge.

Harpoon Brewery will be serving Philly’s Yards beer with its  staff wearing Eagles shirts! 

I love this one: in the competition between the zoos, Boston will have to name its next goat “Foles.” Had Philly lost, they would have had a goat named Brady, which seems appropriate for the once G.O.A.T (By the way,  Philadelphia’s Zoo is the oldest in the country, with gates designed by Frank Furness– see chapter on Furness in my book!)

Boston Library is giving the Free Library Eagle-themed books:

Mass. Congressman Mike Capuano will be wearing an Eagles helmet to work in wager against Bob Brady, who’s otherwise been on a personal losing streak. 

What other bets were placed between Boston and Philadelphia?
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